SAPIS was established

In 1997and operates from a centrally situated office in Bloemfontein, which is primarily directed at the corporate sector although certain services are available to selected individuals. SAPIS has associates in the other major centres in South Africa thus ensuring a flexible and highly professional yet cost effective service throughout the Southern African Region. As interpreter services are available examinations can be conducted in most of the official languages.

Polygraph examination

The polygraph examination is used in conjunction with, not as a substitute for a thorough investigation. Forensic psycho physiological evidence may be utilized to verify, corroborate or refute statements, obtain additional investigative leads, narrow or focus criminal investigations, serve to screen candidates for placement in sensitive positions and to assist in internal investigations.

Polygraph testing evidence

The most valuable aspect of the investigative use of polygraph testing is to exonerate the innocent implicated by circumstantial evidence. Polygraph testing is also very helpful when investigating matters involving multiple suspects by eliminating suspects and narrowing the focus of the investigation. Regardless of the circumstances in which polygraph testing is used the test results are not the sole basis on which decisions are made, polygraph results are used in conjunction with other screening or investigative methods.

Core Services of
South African Polygraph & Investigation Services

SAPIS offers the following additional investigative support:

  • Litigation support
  • Commercial and Industrial Investigations
  • Criminal Investigations
  • Loss Prevention – Shrinkage Investigations
  • Vetting of companies & personnel
  • Background Investigations
  • Clandestine / Covert Investigations
  • Claim Verification Investigations

SA Polygraph & Investigation Services

The investigator will adhere to the vision and mission of SAPIS
The investigator will maintain the highest standard of professionalism, moral and ethical conduct.
The investigator will assume the responsibility for conduct and behavior that is designed to serve the cause of truth and justice.
The investigator will respect the dignity of all persons and be just, fair and impartial to each individual in discharging professional duties and objectives.
The investigator will hold themselves apart from influences intended to benefit their political, personal or financial well-being and objectives.
The investigator will abide by all the provisions of the Standards and Principles of Practice of their profession.
A realization from all staff that all of us are accountable to God.