SA Polygraph & Investigation Services vision to be a source and contributor of building and restoring trust in businesses, industries and societies by systems that inaugurate, inspire and motive integrity and wholeness as the standard across all race, gender or creed.


We believe honour and good ethics creates the foundation for a great journey and brighter future for all. We belief SA Polygraph & Investigation Services is a valuable service and tool, available to businesses or corporations that allow them the opportunity to take action and be responsible for the restoration and/or maintenance of integrity in there environment.


The mission of SA Polygraph & Investigation Services is to ensure that clients are served with quality evidentiary and investigative support  & polygraph services of the highest professional standard at a cost effective rate.  SAPIS guarantees validity and reliability of its forensic psycho physiological services (science of forensic psychophysiology and polygraph products) by ensuring that.

      • Only qualified polygraph examiners are utilized
      • Instrumentation records simultaneously at least the following:
        1. Cardio vascular activity
        2. Electro dermal activity
        3. Respiratory activity
      • Only valid test question and physiological techniques will be employed
      • The proper methodology and procedures are applied during the examinations to ensure accurate results.
      • Quality Control Program to ensure accurate results
      • Support and encourage research and education in the field of polygraph.